Bon Art Studio is recognized for its quality of work and ability to build a long lasting relationship with its clients. The studio provides art services for industry renowned clients in North America and Europe such as Disney Interactive Studios, Microsoft Studios, Capcom, Gameloft, 2K Czech, Storm 8, Alterface, Futuremark, BFG, F9E, Playa Games, Nitro Games, Junction Point, and many others. Many of the projects we have worked on have resulted in award winning titles.

BAS now provides full game development solutions to its clients covering both full art creation and game development. In the past few years several projects have already been successfully completed. We could work with our proprietary BAS engine or work with an engine of our client's choice. We can follow your own game design and develop the game as you have already conceptualized it or we can work based on your general ideas and create a full solution from the design to the implementation of the game

We are grateful and proud with the recognition we have received from our clients over the years. Ask us for more information, we would love to talk to you about games, your games!



Managing Director and co-founder of BAS. Working at Bon Art since 2004, she brings more than a decade of experience in the computer industry. Before joining the company Emi has worked as a web developer, UI Java programmer for web-based systems, UI lead and project manager prior joining the company. With excellent diplomatic and communication skills, Emi is the first point of contact for the respectful BAS's clients.


CEO and co-founder of BAS. Georgi has been with Bon Art Studio since 2001. For years mastering the positions of Lead Artist, Senior Artist, Art Team Lead, Project and Company Manager, naturally with the help of the experience he gathered, his talent for leadership and team organization led him to the position of a CEO in the company. His expertise in game development goes back for a couple of decades in the professional field.


Art Director, co-founder of BAS. Ivan has been working at the company since 1999. He has taken part in all projects carried out at the studio ever since. Ivan has impressive mastered skills for artistic expression, he has a natural ability to grow talents and guide their artistic work. With his solid experience, professionalism and character, he leads all aspects related to art, design and quality production of the studio.


Technical Director, co-founder of BAS. Rafael is a tech geek with a couple of decades of experience in the gaming industry. His expert skills are always leading the production to the top new trends in the industry. He has been working for the company since 2002. Rafael is a talented artists, explorer, always looking for new ideas and better ways to improve his job, and inspire the team.



Viktor Kalvachev is the main founder of Bon Art Ltd and has been following the development of the company since 1992. In 2006 he transitions the company to the key people in Bon Art Ltd under the name of Bon Art Studio JSC. Victor has an exceptionally successful career in the game industry and brings years of experiences in game design, concept creation and art direction. Victor has received a wider recognition for his work as a talented comic book artist.


Founded Bon Art Ltd in 1992. Dr. Kalvachev has a PhD in Organizational Behavior, Diagnostics and Organizational Development. He has been lecturing at The University of Economics, Varna, for more than 30 years. He has been a dean of the Management faculty and a leader of the Management department. Dr. Ivan Kalvachev has written over 100 publications in his field of study and has an extensive background as a management consultant.


Bon Art Studio has a team of 40 full time employees: concept, 3D and 2D artists, animators, producers and developers. A diverse mix of long-time industry veterans, many with years of service at our company. Others are young talents we have very selectively recruited among the top recent graduates in their respective fields.

All artists and animators at BAS are top talents, classically trained in multiple areas of study including fine art, animation and movie production. With multiple years of experience working in the graphic arts field and particularly in the gaming industry, our team is a selection of top professionals with the skills needed to create outstanding games, working under tight deadlines and in dynamic evolving project environments.

The producers working at Bon Art Studio's are extremely dedicated people, with excellent communication skills, most of them with technical background and passion for arts, which allows them to see all aspects of the projects and coordinate them very efficiently with great ease.

The developers have graduated from the top IT universities in Bulgaria, bringing years of experience in software development on various platforms.

BAS has the capacity to expand effectively should the project need arises. We are continuously hiring. Bringing together highly experienced professionals from different backgrounds creates the unique creative environment at the studio. The members of our team are passionate gamers and enjoy working at the studio! The team has been together for many years so a strong feeling of rapport and trust  can be sensed in everything we do.